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Tour Type: Small Group Tour

Location: Sardinia

Code: ANG6FEB17


Travel Month: February 2018

Duration: 8 day 7 nt

Short Description :

Travel to Sardinia .  Book Now

This tour is part of a very special event which happens during Carnivale each year. 

We are delighted that we have been able to secure accommodation during this period.

This will be a very exclusive must do small escorted tour featuring a combination of culture, and wine and food of Sardinia. 

Available for a maximum of 6 people so get in early. We were able to get tickets, so dont miss out.

Carnival Gourmet in Sardinia

Come with us to Sardinia and experience “Sa Sartiglia”, a mediaval carnival event that will blow you mind. In the pearl of Italy, as Sardinia is called, you will of course also meet the warm people, enjoy fantastic foods and wines, admire the crystal-clear water and pamper yourself in front of unique nature, culture and history. 8 days of pure warmth and passion for Italy and its history!

What about going back 500 years for a day and experience a unique Carnival event known all over the world? A carnival where mysterious horsemen wearing ancient traditional costumes and masks tempt fate with dangerous and spectacular battle games riding their horses. Do you want to spend 8 days in a magical Island where it seems that time stood still, eat delicious traditional food and drink exclusive wines? Well, come to Sardinia for the Sartiglia  event! We are waiting for you!

But what is Sartiglia?

From the last Sunday of the Carnevale to the following Tuesday, the city of Oristano in Sardinia takes on a medieval, mystical feeling with “Sa Sartiglia”, a three-day feast that culminates in a medieval jousting event after which the entire festival is named. A nearly constant drumbeat accompanies the centuries-old celebration as participants in traditional Sardinian and Spanish costume perform amazing stunts on the horseback and ride at full gallop to spear a star or a ring. The more holes are made in the star, the better and luckier the next year will be.

The king of the festival is an arbitetrator called Su Cumponidori, who is elegant and traditionally dressed for the event with young girls called “Sas  Massaieddas”. The master wears a white, expressionless mask, small black hat, silk ribbons, lace veil, puff-sleeved white shirt, and a leather jacket attached to a short skirt on the front. Su Componidori is androgynous, representing male and female equally and is considered a demigod sent to bring luck and protect from evil spirits.

During the Sartiglia horsemen participate in everything from parades to events that test their riding skills. Aside from the Race to the Star, some of the most exciting parts of the festival are the dangerous, acrobatic performances on horseback. Especially Su Cumponidori’s performance of “Sa Remada” during which he rides the entire route lying on his back while the horse is at full gallop.

It is believed that the festival’s roots are in the 11th century Saracen tournaments but the celebration has become more theatrical and linked to the Carnevale throughout the years of Spanish rule.

 Meeting point: Cagliari Elmas International Airport

1st day: we’ll meet in the morning, our destination is Oristano, a beautiful medieval city in the middle of the Island, along the road  we visit a small village, where will meet  two ladies that run a tiny hand made pasta laboratory, one of the last in Italy. There we are going to see the process of making one of the most precious and particular Italian pasta, “lorighittas”,. We  then have lunch in a fantastic agriturismo, where our host Lucia and her old mother will make the typical Sardinian lunch, a real pleasure for the eyes and for the palate. After lunch we travel to our final destination for that day, a family run beautiful old mansion, for our stay in Oristano,  some time to rest and freshen up at the hotel and we’ll meet for dinner which will be in a little boutique restaurant downtown, where you will have the chance to taste the traditional and mouth-watering cured meat and sheep cheese made still following the ancient recipes of native Sardinians, everything will be accompanied by a selection of the most delicious local wines.

2nd  day “The Sartiglia Day”: after breakfast, we will attend the “Componidori dressing”, the dressing of the Chief of the ride, which that day is venerated as a god, then we’ll follow him and its masked riders along the day, in a sequence of breathtaking rides, dangerous evolutions and traditional processions, where you will have the chance to see local men and women beautifully dressed with the gorgeous ancient costumes, it is going to be a day full of emotions. For lunch you will try the traditional Sardinian Street Food and plenty of Vernaccia Wine, we will have fun! After the event, some time to rest at the hotel and we will meet again for dinner, where you will have the chance to taste the original Sardinian Pizza with salsiccia and pecorino (sausage and aged sheep cheese).

3rd day: The mystery of Sardinian Giants is worth knowing.. In the morning we will meet a local historian that will explain  this still inscrutable story. Then our lunch in a peculiar “ittiturismo” (which is an agriturismo that only serves endemic fish) , you will have the chance to taste bottarga, the Sardinian Caviar, as well as the most traditional fish dishes of the Oristano area. After lunch back to Oristano for a stroll around the city, then some free time at the hotel, in the evening light dinner in a local trattoria.  

4th day: we will leave to the mountains, we will visit a traditional knife artisan (Sardinian knifes are very precious). We are going to have lunch in a very particular place, an ancient almost uninhabited little village where still exists a seventeenth-century horsemen retreat, where it seem time has stood still. After lunch an ancient Sardinian distillery is waiting for us for a “grappa tasting”. Get ready! Then back at the hotel, a light dinner (sandwiches and dessert) will be served directly on your room.

5th day: we travel to a tiny town in the inner part of Sardinia for a special cooking class with our chef , then lunch with the results of our cooking class.Back to the hotel for some rest, we  meet again for dinner in a special restaurant located in a cave, where we are going to taste the most traditional meat Sardinian dishes accompanied by plenty Canonau Wine

6th day: we will spent a very relaxing day at the hot springs (which are outside, throughout secular woods, we are going to have lunch there. We will be back at the hotel in the late afternoon, where a classy aperitivo Sardinian way is waiting for us.

7th day: in the morning we will leave to a tiny spectacular village where it is located a fantastic Michelin Starred restaurant. Chef Roberto we will bring us throughout the most delicious flavours of Sardinia, prepared with only organic products. After lunch back to the hotel, some free-time and get ready for an amazing “arrivederci dinner”, with a beautiful surprise, you’ll be amazed!

8th day: after breakfast the bus is waiting for you, you will leave to Cagliari Elmas Airport the hotel at 8.30 am.

Duration: 8 days (7 nights), starts on Saturday in the morning ends on Saturday in the morning.


Number of people suggested: Only 6 beds left !! 


Period of availability in 2018:

start Saturday February 10th, it will end Saturday February 17th.



Price: on request


Booking: by 15th December 2017



 English Speaking Food & Wine Expert Guide


Transportation (from the collection point to the final tour destination)


Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, included beverages during the meals)


Accommodations for 7 nights


All the activities included in the highlight (breakfast, lunch and dinner are always included, extra beverage and food are not included).

If you are contemplating this amazing experience , book now as we have only 6 rooms remaining. This is one spectacular event in Italy not to be missed.

 From the last Sunday of Carnevale to the following Tuesday, the city of Oristano in Sardinia takes on a pagan, medieval, mystical feel with “Sa Sartiglia,” a three-day feast that culminates in a joust for which the entire festival is named. A nearly constant drumbeat accompanies the centuries-old celebration as participants in traditional Sardinian and Spanish costume perform amazing stunts on horseback and drive the horses at full gallop to pierce a suspended star in the sartiglia, or ring. The more holes are made in the star, the luckier the year ahead will be.