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Tour Type: Small Group Tour

Location: Sardinia

Code: ANG317


Travel Month: January,April, May, Sept, Oct.

Duration: 11

Short Description :

Duration: 11 days 10 nts.

Date of Departure.  4 group departures in 2018

Period of availability: Also available for couples travelling independantly  all year round, Enquire for private tours

This tour explores the amazing breadth of food and locavore produce , including wines, within Sardinia, whilst also taking in the history of the Island. Thoroughly reccommended  and definitely off the beaten track.

Highlights of this Italian Food and wine tour.

Meeting point: Cagliari Elmas International Airport and travel Italy in Style

1st day:  meet in the morning, our destination is Oristano, a beautiful medieval city in the Middle of the Island, along the road we   stop at a small village, where will meet Maria Antonietta and Viittorina, two ladies that run a tiny hand made pasta producer, one of the last in Italy.  We watch the process of making one of the most precious and particular Italian pasta, “lorighittas”.  Then have lunch in a fantastic agriturismo, where our host Lucia and her old mother will make the typical Sardinian lunch, a real pleasure for the eyes and for the palate. Be prepared for an amazing experience. After lunch we travel to our final destination for that day, a family run little resort in the country near Oristano,  time to rest and freshen up at the hotel and  meet again for dinner, where the resident chef Claudio will take us through the flavour of the Sardinian Sea, we taste  bottarga, the Sardinian caviar, accompanied by delicious local wines as the Vermentino di Oristano.

2nd day: after a special Sardinian breakfast, with delicious homemade cakes of Signora Rosa, our cooking class commences. We make two of the most traditional main course Sardinian dishes, chef Claudio will show you how to use the precious Sardinian saffron and other hidden secrets of Sardinian Cuisine. After lunch we leave for a cruise to a real paradise, the little Mal di Ventre Island, an inhabited island which is part of the Sinis Protected Marine Oasis, a real treasure for its beautiful beaches and for its flora and fauna. Then back to the hotel for one of the best handmade pizza, accompanied by Sardinian beer, of course! (Due to weather conditions the cruise can only take place from 15 May to 25 September and, even in this period, will be subjected to good weather conditions. For tours that will take place from 25 September to 15 May this activity will be replaced by the visit to Oristano downtown If you prefer not to travel by boat, a walking tour of the beautiful coastal village of San Giovanni di Sinis can be arranged)

3rd day: Today we travel to the inner part of Sardinia. Our wine and food tour starts with a visit to the symbol of Sardinia, the Nuraghe. The Nuraghes where the mansion of the first Sardinian inhabitants, they date back to the II century B.C., 3900 years ago! then a beautiful forest were Sardinian shepherds still live, we lunch with them and taste the traditional Sardinian roasted piglet and if available a local speciality…the cheese with worms, which in Sardinia is a delicacy (the worm cheese is subject to availability since it is not available all the time) After lunch the shepherds will entertain us, (you’ll discover more there).  Due to weather conditions the lunch with the shepherds could only take place from May to October. For tours that will take place from November to April this activity will be replaced by the visit to a tiny community of Sardinian fisherman, where you’ll have the chance to see the ancient Sardinian fishing methods they still use. There we will meet Tore who will explain how they live and the origin of one of their masterpieces, the Sardinian caviar, bottarga. We taste the seafood menu prepared by the fishermen, made with some ancient Sardinian recipes. After lunch we visit one of the tiniest village in the world, tiniest because of its curious houses, you’ll be amazed by its uniqueness. 

In the afternoon we head back to the hotel, where there may be some free time before dinner, which takes place at the hotel

4th day: In the morning we meet Minna who is the custodian of the ancient recipes for the traditional Sardinian Cookies, she will show you the process  making the amaretti, ossos de mortu  and others  pieces of art, we will help her baking &  have the chance to taste the final result! Then chef Roberto will prepare for us a typical Sardinian meal in his restaurant,  lunch will be typical but with a modern touch. After lunch we will visit the magical temple of Santa Cristina (12bc) here you can climb down an ancient sacred well (one of the oldest in the world).

Then back to the hotel for a light dinner.

5th day: Today travel to Fordongianus, and visit one of the best cheese farms in Sardinia, the “maestro casaro” (cheese master) will explain the secrets of the Sardinian Pecorino and Romano Pecorino. For lunch we picnic with  delicious wines and cheeses. Afernoon is free at the hotel and in the evening we dine on Sardinian wild oysters and a seafood menu accompanied by a tasting of some of the most particular Sardinian white wines, as Sardinian champagne, vernaccia and malvasia.

6th day:  we  tour to Alghero, a beautiful medieval city, a mix between Spanish and Sardinian culture, in Alghero see some of the best beaches in the world and taste a very different cuisine, with its Spanish influences Meet one of the last artisans still making beautiful Sardinian jewels using the precious Sardinian coral, known all over the world for its unique colors. Our day will finish with a Sardinian aperitif back at the hotel, a light dinner will follow.

7th day: Today we travel to Marmilla, where Chef Roberto prepares a high style cooking class in his wonderful restaurant. We will have lunch in the Michelin starred restaurant, back to the hotel for some free time, then to a beautiful agriturismo to taste delicious organic products and renowned ravioli!

8th day: Free morning to spend in Oristano downtown for some shopping, then lunch in one of the most typical restaurants of the city. In the afternoon we  meet again Franco and Denise for a beautiful afternoon where they will show us how to make the best black seafood spaghetti, and you taste spaghetti with a delicious black sauce!

9th day: in the morning visit a beautiful olive oil farm, there we will have a special tasting of the best Sardinian Olive Oil. Then lunch at the hotel with the best Sardinian Panini, made for us by Chef Claudio, in the afternoon we visit one of the most important wineries in Sardinia, where we taste the best of their wines. Back to hotel for a light  dinner with a special arrivederci (traditional costume show).

10th day:  travel to Cagliari & spend the day visiting the Sardinian capital,  including a coffee in a beautiful Sardinian Caffetteria and the chance to taste the most delicious fried cream bombolone. After a light lunch we continue our tour visiting the most important sights in the city. We then have dinner in one of the best restaurants of the city. A fitting finale to this  Italian wine and food tour.

11th day: We’ll reach the Cagliari Airport where we will say arrivederci.

Duration: 11 days 10 nts.

Date of Departure.   group departures in 2017. 23rd Oct & 27 November.

2018 January 7th,  April 4th, 22 May . October dates to be advised.

Price.  Request a quote for all Sardinian tours

Whats included

 Personal English Speaking Food & Wine Expert Guide

 Transportation ( from the collection point to the final tour destination)

 Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, including beverages during the meals)

 Accommodations for 10 nights

 All the activities included in the highlights

What’s not included

  • Airfares
  •  meals not listed on the itinerary
  • Personal expenses like phone calls, visa costs, laundry or tips
  • Travel insurance (not obligatory, but recommended)
  • Drinks not listed in the itinerary
  • The cost of additional excursions or activities
  • Room upgrades if requested

Sardinia is the Heart of Genuine Flavours.... a table laid with delicacies before a crystal clear sea or surrounded by green valleys. Tasting the island’s traditional specialities never ceases to be an extraordinary discovery...

From the coast to the villages, Sardinia is a land of memories and landscapes between culture, archeology, museums, mountains and verdant valleys