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Tour Type: Small Group Tour

Location: Piedmont

Code: ANG7


Travel Month: feb-july , sept - nov.

Duration: 7

Short Description :

seven days , and six nights this tour is a journey through some of the most beautiful scenery, tasting some of the best wines, amazing cheeses,  . Its an all inclusive tour,


 Meals (breakfast. The meals are not included when guest have free time or where are not indicated in the program . Beverages are included during the meals)

 Accommodations for 6 nights

 All the activities included in the highlight (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included where indicated, extra beverage and food are not included).


meeting point: Torino International Airport


1st day: we’ll meet in the morning, our destination will be Venaria Reale, a beautiful city renowned Real for its several Savoy residences. Surrounded by greenery, this city is rich of story-culture and fascinating views.·       Our first stop will be the Reggia Sabaudia, the most important enchantment of the city;  A beautiful stroll across the city centre will follow. After visiting its most typical corners, we will stop in a fantastic trattoria for lunch. Get ready for an unforgettable Agnolotti dish accompanied by a glass of sumptuous Barolo wine.· After lunch we will reach our final destination for that day, a gorgeous agriturismo where our host will make for us a traditional Piemontese dinner, it will be a great pleasure for the eyes and for the palate as well.

 2nd day:

  • Our day will start with a mouth-watering  breakfast, where we will taste the famous homemade cakes made by Signora Maria.
  • after a beautiful stroll in the propriety our cooking class will take place. We are going to learn how to make two of the most traditional Piedmontese main course, Signora Maria will show us how to  make bagna càuda and some other precious hidden secrets of Piedmontese Cuisine. And of course we will taste them for lunch!.
  • After lunch we’ll leave to Rivoli, where we are going to visit the famous Rivoli Castle, which is the location of one of the must renowned Museum of contemporary art of Italy. Afters a beautiful stroll downtown, let’s spoil ourselves with a Piedmontese hot chocolate or a delicious Italian ice cream in a beautiful cafeteria.
  • We will then leave to Bra, where we are going to stay in a cozy little hotel. Our day will finish with a Piedmontese aperitif, then back to the hotel, tonight dinner will be free.

 3rd day:

  • Our day will start with the visit to a beautiful Cantina, run from 1880 by 4 generations of the same family. A colourful tasting of their delicious wines is waiting for us. During the visit we will learn some peculiar characteristics of the magic grapes of this amazing region, as Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato.
  • The lunch will be a unique  tasting of cheeses and cured meats, we will have the chance to taste Bra cheese,  the famous cheese which takes its name from its city.
  • After lunch some free time, we will meet again for dinner, the original Piedmontese Pizza is waiting for us, are you ready ?

 4th day:

  • we are going to visit Bra In the morning. What do you need? A camera for sure! Because Bra is an amazing town rich of history, art and architecture. Romantic, picturesque, colourful photos are going to enrich your photo library.
  • Today we are going to have lunch in a traditional Piedmontese Oosteria, local wine and food will be the main characters, together with you, obviously.
  • After lunch we will leave to Alba, where an Italian style aperitif, un “aperitivo allegro”, is waiting for us. Curious to know what does it mean? You’ll discover it with us ;).
  • Our stay in Alba will be a picturesque locanda with a breath-taking view, an early wake up is definitely worth it.


5th day:

  • Truffle hunting today! And it will be an unforgettable and exciting experience. With Trifolau and his beautiful dogs (Trifolau is a professional truffle hunter) we are going to find the Langhe treasure this morning. And of course he will teach us all the secrets about truffle hunting, truffles and the natural environment where they grow.
  • A tasting/light lunch with Langarola traditional dishes and local wines will then welcome us back.
  • The evening will be free form some shopping and rest, dinner will be free.

 6th day:

  • Today we will head to Asti, the birth place of “spumante”, one the most famous Italian sparkling wines.
  • Our stay will start with a relaxed stroll around this characteristic city. Originally built by Romans, Asti reached its peak during Middle Age. The city still serve amazing prints of those historical periods which are unmissable. Lunch will take place in a local traditional restaurant, where we are going to taste the epic risotto with mushrooms and Castelmagno (one of the most delicious, mouth-watering traditional local cheese).
  • In the afternoon some free time to enjoy our beautiful stay, which will be an amazing old mansion lost in the Piedmontese We will meet again for a spectacular “arrivederci dinner”, after a delicious tasting of Asti Spumante and some other local delicacies.

 7th day:

  • After breakfast we’ll head Torino International Airport, where we will say arrivederci.


Period of availability: all year round excluded the following periods: from 15 December to 15 January, from 15 July to 31 August.

Enquire now  

 Departure dates can be organised to suit your expected arrival and travel times in Italy.

Why not bundle 2 tours across the regions of Italy. If you only get one chance to see Italy do it properly.

This is one of my favorite regions in Italy, and we have some great experiences to share.



Personal English Speaking Food & Wine Expert Guide

 Transportation (from the collecting point to the final tour destination)

 Meals (breakfast. The meals are not included when guest have free time or where are not indicated in the program . Beverages are included during the meals)

 Accommodations for 6 nights

 All the activities included in the highlight (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included where indicated, extra beverage and food are not included).



Piedmont (literally foot of the mountain) is known in Italy as the land of mountains, since it is surrounded by the highest Italian mountains. Thanks to the Alps, Piedmont offers to the visitors incredibly beautiful landscapes, that form the background for sweeping, picturesque valleys that constellate this welcoming part of the Bella Italia.

But nature is just one of the so many attractions of Piedmont, which is rich of typical products, DOP and IGP (brand awarded by UE for a high level of quality, for their strong connection to their birth-place territory and for their traditional production methods, which are unique). Cheeses like Bra, Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, and the Doja, sausage, covered with melted lard and which drift his name to the container in which it is prepared, a terracotta basket called “doja” are only some of the delicacies you are going to taste during this tour.The landscapes of Langhe and Monferrato are a succession of cultivated hills and vineyards that are dotted with small towns and castles. Thanks to the incredible variety and preciousness of the composition of its “terroir” (in French, the soil), Piedmont is incredibly suited for the production of wine. Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Barbaresco, Moscato, Pinot, these are only few of the delicious wines which have this welcoming region as a birth place, in fact they are more that 100.Together we will discover some of the most remarkable and of course you will also have the chance to taste the “Asti spumante DOCG”, one of the most famous Italian sparkling wines.And obviously do not forget truffles! We cannot leave Piedmont without participating to an exciting truffle hunting and without taste them, of course!It will be an adventure across flavours, colours, perfumes and beautiful views, will totally fall in love with Piedmont, it ‘s a promise!.