Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily). It is an autonomous region of Italy with a total area of 24,090 square kilometres & population of Sardinia is 1.6 million. The capital city of Sardinia is Cagliari. There are 8 provinces: Cagliari, Carbonia-Iglesias, Medio Campidano, Nuoro, Ogliastra, Olbia-Tempio, Oristano and Sassari.

Sardinia is the Heart of Genuine Flavours…. a table laid with delicacies before a crystal clear sea or surrounded by green valleys. Tasting the island’s traditional specialities never ceases to be an extraordinary discovery…

The coasts are jagged and rocky and Sardinia’s turquoise sea and white sandy beaches rival the best that the tropics can offer. The seaside landscapes, especially on the Costa Smeralda, are among the most beautiful in the world. Numerous small, enchanting islets are scattered in front of the coasts including the islands of Sant’Antioco & San Pietro, off the coast of Southwestern Sardinia, which offer all the charm and hospitality of Sardinia so far unspoiled. The coastal townships at certain times of the year are almost deserted and make for a photographers dream. (See gallery on the Houses of San Giovanni Di Sinis )
Sardinia is an ancient land with a fascinating history. There are many historic sites of great interest on the Island. There are about 7,000 “nuraghi” scattered around the Sardinia. These are truncated cone like towers made of large stone blocks which were the fortified dwellings of the earliest inhabitants of Sardinia. There are Roman ruins at Tharros on the western side of the Island and other Roman relics at Porto Torres and Cagliari.

The rural scenery is equally beautiful with forested mountain peaks, valleys of citrus groves and pastures of happily grazing cattle and sheep. Alghero, in Northwestern Sardinia, has a fascinating Catalan history and a delightful historic centre. Calgliari is cosmopolitan with old city charm, combining ancient traditions with the vibrant city life of a major city.  The most important event hosted by the city is the festival of Saint Efisio. This procession takes place every year to commemorate the Saint, regarded as the guardian of the city.