Stunning Sardinia

Sardinia is the Heart of Genuine Flavours…. a table laid with delicacies before a crystal clear sea or surrounded by green valleys. Tasting the island’s traditional specialities never ceases to be an extraordinary discovery…

From the coast to the villages, Sardinia is a land of memories and landscapes between culture, archeology, museums, mountains and verdant valleys

For much of its history a port of call for the traders who sailed across the Mediterranean to expand their trading networks, Sardinia has achieved a miraculous balance: preserving its core identity while opening up to new traditions and customs.

Sardinia’s food specialties bear the hallmark of an untamed land and unspoilt nature. They demonstrate  the producers’ commitment to wholesome foods rich in flavour and nutritional properties: a delight for the taste buds and a guarantee of good health.

From its raw-milk cheeses to extra-virgin olive oil, several types of honey, typical bread and unique pastries and sweetmeats, Sardinia’s local produce are prepared with loving care and age-old wisdom.

Another standard-bearer of Sardinian excellence are its cheeses. Made from cow’s, ewe’s or goat’s milk, they feature high in the diet of the island’s many centenarians: amazingly varied, they include for instance ricotta, once a staple food for shepherds during their long periods away from home, and PDO cheeses such as ‘pecorino romano’, ‘pecorino sardo’ and ‘fiore sardo’, and yet again, specialities such as ‘fresa’, ‘dolce sardo’, ‘bonassai’, ‘gioddu’ and ‘casu axedu’.

Talking about wellness, we should not forget the world’s oldest and most convivial drink: wine.  Sardinia boasts famous labels: DOCG Vermentino di Gallura and Cannonau di Sardegna from native grape varieties.

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